Solar Panel Data

Visual Panels

Above you will find a detailed visual display of the photovoltaic power generated by our solar panels showing the amount of solar power currently available, and the number of households that could benefit from the photovoltaic power supplied.

SunThe number of suns correlates to how much sunlight is currently available (each sun is equivalent to 80 W/m2).

The electrical power output is about 10% of the available solar power (per square metre), but the 58m2 range of solar panels allows us to power up to three households (in bright sunshine, of course).

As more electrical power is available from the display, more windows in the houses will light up…

Graphical Output

Total and diffuse solar irradiance over the last day.

Photovoltaic output over the last day.

Cumulative Results from the main array

Data from main panels from last month
Data from main panels from last year